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We charge you nothing, nix, nada when you don’t actively hire

Starts at
0 kr / mo
30k kr commission + reward per hire
  • 1 active job slot
  • Featured on marketplace
Starts at
2 000 kr / mo
20k kr commission + reward per hire
  • 2 active job slots
  • Featured on marketplace
  • Reduced commission
  • Extra job slots: 1,000 kr/mo
Best deal
Starts at
4 800 kr / mo
15k kr commission + reward per hire
  • 6 active job slots
  • Featured on marketplace
  • Further reduced commission
  • Further reduced commission for employee referrals
  • Extra job slots: 800 kr/mo
Fits for companies scaling up, headhunters or those who want to utilise Vouch to its fullest.
  • As many jobs as you want
  • With or w/o marketplace
  • Commision towards zero
  • Customer success rep.
  • Integrations

Did you know? If you deactivate all listings, the monthly subscription will stop without losing access or any penalty to you.

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Core features available in all plans


SMS and emails

End-to-end referral tools

All plans include tools to engage and activate candidates and vouchers, including SMS & email push.


Track candidates

Easy-to-use candidate portal

Review candidates, vouches and make sure candidates are followed up. No ghosting, please!


Share jobs

Tailor marketing campaigns

You can only truly activate networks by sharing with them. Tailor campaigns to different audiences in Vouch.


Deep insights

Intuitive dashboards

You can assess and compare views, vouches and sharing from listing to listing using our intuitive dashboards.



Access to a growing network

In geographies where this is available, you can tap into a growing network through the Vouch marketplace.


Personalise and tailor

Access to our AI helper

Easy set-up, tailoring of jobs to suit network and passive candidates, and generation of marketing assets using our AI helper.


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Frequently asked questions

How is it so cheap?

We asked ourselves: Why should recruitment cost a fortune even when we’re not actively hiring? That’s why we don’t lock you into a SaaS agreement that you can’t get out of, like your traditional ATS. This is also why we charge the majority of the cost only upon hire.

Can I use Vouch to run my employee referral program?

Yes, definitely! Vouch is an end-to-end referral solution that can unlock employees’ networks as well as expanding your reach far beyond them.

Do you offer discounts for start-ups?

We have agreements with some startup accelerators and investors, so reach out to us to see if you are eligible for an even better deal.

I hire a lot - can we increase the monthly fee to remove the success fee?

Yes, our custom plan allows us to tailor to your needs. We can also tailor-make plans that ultimately drive down the transaction costs per hire to the minimum.

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