Customer Story

Brødrene Dahl killed two birds with one stone

When Brødrene Dahl was looking for a product manager for their e-commerce, so many good candidates were recommended that they had to create room for one more. Einar Michaelsen shares his experiences with Vouch and how he worked to attract candidates who would not have otherwise applied for the job.




At a time when traditional recruitment channels often fall short, Brødrene Dahl, Norway's leading player in the sale and distribution of goods within HVAC, water and environmental technology, transportation, industry, and aquaculture, stands as a brilliant example of how to embrace new methods to attract and retain top talent.

With a strong emphasis on continuous improvement, environment, and sustainability, it is no surprise that the company seeks innovative solutions in all aspects of the business – including recruitment.

Demonstrated the Power of Network Recruitment

Einar Michaelsen, with an impressive background from KPMG and Coop, and now the founder of Cirkulær, tells about Brødrene Dahl's journey towards a more agile and innovative approach to recruitment.

When they were looking for their new product manager for e-commerce, they turned to Vouch for help. Einar chose an exclusively network-based approach through Vouch.

"I only used Vouch, nothing else. It worked perfectly for me," he reveals.

The results speak for themselves:

"We hired two product managers in a few weeks, and I was completely blown away by how many good candidates we received. And 90% of the candidates were suitable for the job – that's not exactly what I have been used to seeing in the application pile. We simply got such good candidates that we had to create an extra role in the team so we could hire two instead of one."

An Old Acquaintance

It was perhaps not surprising that Einar had Vouch on his radar. Einar was also the first to receive a reward from Vouch, already in its early beginnings in 2022, where he collected 60,000 kroner for a good recommendation.

In addition to the hires he has now made through the same platform, he has also been recommended by a number of good people for many different roles time and again.

"I was happy where I was and ended up starting my own company, so it didn't lead to anything," he laughs, before adding:

"Vouching for someone is a cool way to help friends and acquaintances into new jobs. And it’s great to get paid for recommending someone too. It's an obvious win-win," he believes.

He emphasizes that recommendations via Vouch often capture potential candidates before they actively start applying, and how this leads to a more seamless recruitment process for all parties.

"People don't apply for jobs anymore. Systems that ask for a ton of information just to express interest put off a lot of potential candidates. My experience is that Vouch solves this."