Help someone you know land their dream job

Recommend someone in your network for a job. If they get the job, you get a sum of money as a thank you for your help.

This is how you vouch for someone

1. Find a relevant position

Look through the job ads on our website.

2. Recommend someone for the position

Do you know anyone who fits the job description? Vouch for them then!

3. Get rewarded

If the person you recommend gets the job, you will receive a reward as a thank you for your help!

Why vouch for someone?

Let your network speak for you, all parties have something to gain from it!

You who recommend can help acquaintances and get a sum in reward if the recommendation leads to employment.

You who are recommended get the opportunity to consider a new and exciting job without spending a lot of time writing applications.

You as a company get qualified candidates who otherwise would not have been on the job market.

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