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Ei Solutions found their new rockstars through Vouch!

Ei Solutions recently celebrated the hiring of two new full-time employees, after attracting many qualified candidates using Vouch. In fact, they generated greater engagement than many much larger companies on the platform. So how did a small, unknown startup manage to engage so widely and receive so many good recommendations?




From left to right: Mathias Wahl – CTO, Marit Bjerkreim – CCO, Alexandre Didion - Full-Stack Developer, Szymon Mazur - UX/UI Designer, Gustav Haaland - CEO. Photo: Henning Patricksson

Ei Solutions, a startup in property technology, recently celebrated the hiring of their first two full-time employees, Szymon Mazur and Alexandre Didion. Both were referred through Vouch, along with many other good candidates.

We spoke with Mathias Wahl, Co-founder and CTO of Ei Solutions, to find out how they succeeded. He and the team received many tips from a growing Vouch network, but he also leveraged the platform's power to generate even more good recommendations from their own network.

He summarizes it in three important tips for companies looking to harness the power of network recruitment.

1. Used Vouch as an active tool

Mathias acknowledges that recruitment is a time-consuming process because you need to create interest among candidates and then spend time on the interested parties to find out if they are the right fit. He believes it was crucial to use Vouch to simplify the initial part of the process.

“First and foremost, the concept of Vouch is brilliant. You get a concrete incentive and a user-friendly platform that makes you check your own network and recommend candidates you know,” he says, and continues:

“We particularly noticed this when we reached out to our own network and asked if they knew anyone who might be relevant for the positions we had open. Using a product that made it easy to reward people in our network for helping us made it more comfortable to ask for help, while also making more people take the time to think about who might be a good fit.”

2. Kept the job posting active in various channels

To reach as many people as possible, Ei Solutions made an effort to make the position visible and engage on LinkedIn. In addition to posting the job on the company page, all employees were encouraged to share it on their personal pages, which generated a lot of activity.

“We regularly shared the job posting and made sure to keep it active. This ensured a steady stream of new tips from our own activity,” says Mathias, noting that it was easier to activate the network and passive candidates this way than with other recruitment channels.

Made the job posting clear

Creating appealing job ads can be challenging, but Mathias points out that it was one of the success factors in attracting the best candidates.

“It’s important to work a bit on the wording and not make a completely generic job ad,” he says.

So what did Ei Solutions do to emphasize that versatility and startup mentality were more important than ten years of experience? They said, for instance, that they were only looking for a developer, but even called it a “technology jack-of-all-trades.”

“The designers at Vouch helped us with an illustration of a tech jack-of-all-trades for marketing our position, highlighting that the role wasn’t completely conventional. It worked well,” says Mathias.

PS: Did you know that Vouch has recently made job ads even more attractive and customized for referrers and passive candidates? And that you can get help from AI to tailor your existing job descriptions, which are likely tailored for active applicants. Contact us in the chat if you want to know more.

Also received many passive candidates through Vouch's network

Vouch can be used not only to activate your own networks and employees to help but also to reach a growing network of users and visitors on

“Vouch offered a pool of potential candidates, significantly simplifying the process. This foundation freed up an incredible amount of resources. The ad worked within the Vouch network even when we weren't actively searching or activating our own network with the ad,” concludes Mathias.