Customer Story

Vouch provides a more equitable recruitment process and Nina landed her dream job at Kobbr

"I considered it likely to get an interview, especially with such a relevant referrer."




Through Vouch, Nina experienced an application process that catered to both the applicant’s and the employer’s needs. The approach ensured that there was as much focus on her finding out if this was the right position for her – not just whether she had the right qualifications.

Nina Snemyr Kringlen was open to new opportunities when she spoke with a former client who recommended checking out the positions on Vouch. When she discovered the position at Kobbr, she thought it could be a great opportunity.

"I was primarily looking for startups because I wanted to be part of an exciting journey. I wanted decision-making responsibility and to be heard, not be part of a large machinery where good ideas get lost in the process," she says.

Nina had previously heard about Kobbr through "100 pitches" at StartupLab and was fascinated by the lack of nearby competitors and the vast potential.

Håvard Edvardsen, CEO and co-founder of Kobbr, ultimately hired Nina, citing her exciting experience, desire to join a startup, and personal match as the reasons they chose her for the position of Sales and Marketing Manager at Kobbr.

Asked to Be Vouched For

Nina contacted the former client who had tipped her about Vouch and asked if she could recommend her to Kobbr.

"It really appealed to me because the approach is much more personal. You stand out right from the moment you contact the company and are not just one of 200 applicants. At the same time, having someone vouch for you can add weight," she says.

Nina highlights how Vouch brings out the uniqueness of each applicant from the start through a recommendation, ensuring that you are not equated with everyone else in a set system. She felt that the process made her taken more seriously than in other application processes.

"I considered it likely to get an interview, especially with such a relevant referrer."

💡 Psst! Did you know that Vouch has a feature that makes it easier for you to ask people in your network to vouch for you? Only the first vouch you accept qualifies for a reward, but many use it to strengthen their candidacy by bringing references earlier in the recruitment process.

Coffee Instead of Application Texts

Nina also found it liberating to skip writing cover letters.

"Most people can probably relate to the fact that this is a time-consuming process where you put your heart into an application for something you don’t know much about. And it’s for something that rarely gets much attention from the employer," she says.

Instead, Nina and Håvard had a quick coffee where both parties got the chance to get to know each other better.

"I believe it’s more valuable for both parties to have that coffee rather than spending hours on an application text," she adds.

Nina emphasizes how valuable that little coffee chat was. It gave her the opportunity to hear more about Kobbr and feel if this was really something she wanted to work for.

"Application processes are rarely on the applicant’s terms, but for you to thrive in a position, it’s equally important that you as the applicant know what you’re getting into and are sure you’ll enjoy it. With Vouch, you stand more on equal footing in the process. It was more about finding out if we were a good match than landing the job at any cost," she says.