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Lexolve recruits through Vouch: "A brilliant concept"

Lexolve, Norway’s first digital legal challenger, has already succeeded in engaging networks in the search for the right candidate and is now hunting for more.




“We received a number of good recommendations from both our own and an extended network when we hired through Vouch in the last round. It gives a good experience for all parties when candidates come recommended and you get the references at the beginning of the process,” says founder Merete Nygaard.

Merete is now searching for her new Growth Lead on Vouch and is asking both acquaintances and strangers to recommend people they know or have worked with who could fit the job. She is looking for someone who will take responsibility for increasing Lexolve’s revenue. Lexolve is product-led, so the work will be diverse and varied.

Engage Networks in Recruitment

With the help of Vouch, companies like Lexolve can engage their own networks and Vouch’s growing user base in the search for the perfect candidate – with a well-deserved reward if it leads to a hire.

“Like us at Lexolve, Vouch works to make a heavy and manual task painless. Vouch and Lexolve combined provided both a quick and cost-effective recruitment and hiring process.

Vouch provides recommendations of qualified candidates, with good and efficient communication that helped us reach our goal quickly last time. And of course, I created the employment contract in Lexolve, in just a few minutes.”

Democratizing Law for Companies

When business lawyer Merete Nygaard founded Lexolve in 2017, innovation in the legal industry was also put on the map in Norway. Lexolve invited the first event on legaltech in Norway, Oslo Legal Tech Meetup. Today, six years later, the meetup has over 2000 members.

Lexolve democratizes law for companies, allowing businesses in all industries to navigate through complex legal challenges without having to resort to expensive legal services. Through innovative technology and close collaboration with customers, Lexolve has already assisted hundreds of leaders in a wide range of companies. With support from Innovation Norway, Skattefunn, and a handful of investors, Lexolve has invested over 40 million kroner in technology development.

In other words, they are ready to continue challenging traditional legal services. And now they want to engage the network to find the next star who will help them on their way!

Vouch for their next stars here.

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