💥 Bunch of new features 💥

Big and small things are brewing at Vouch HQ as we continue to craft a better way to tap into and reward networks in the search for talent.




Big wins, like a brand new job listing creation flow finally shipped—with a new look and feel for all users. Where we also use AI to make the life of the recruiter easier.

And some small but mighty ones, like making it easier for candidates to utilise the power of referrals instead of writing cover letters all day 😊

🎨 Easier to evaluate jobs on Vouch

An active job seeker can’t be expected to read a novel before determining whether a job opening is relevant.

A passive candidate won’t even bother to read your first paragraph, and we can’t expect that from “vouchers” that assess opportunities on behalf of others, either.

Instead, we are:

  • Making it easy on the eye – no more wall of text you won’t really read anyway
  • Bringing key information to the forefront of every listing – making it easier to scan if you know relevant candidates
  • Making the structure of a job listing on Vouch more predictable

One of the most commonly requested improvements is finally out for all new jobs, thanks to Erle and David.

❓You can now ask for a vouch!

Sometimes, we get such exciting jobs on Vouch that some of our users get pumped and want to connect with the company themselves.

We still believe in the power of referrals and that they give candidates and companies a better introduction. Erle has now made it easier for you to ask for referrals from your network.

Candidates can use it to strengthen their candidature by bringing forward more referrals early in the process.

We have seen that this has already created opportunities for candidates that would otherwise not have been assessed on the CV and cover letter alone.

🤖 Use AI to craft the Vouch listings

Won’t all of these changes require a lot from companies to adjust their job descriptions? Nope!

Vouch creates human connections that AI will never find, but of course, we use AI to make life easier.

So David has made our platform do that for you with our new listing creation flow 🤩.

As a hiring company, you can dump your existing job listing, a rough description, or even just a few sentences about what you are looking for, and the platform will tailor a fit-for-purpose job ad for you in seconds.

🤐 Use Vouch to engage networks off-platform

Some customers, companies, and headhunters alike have realised that Vouch is an end-to-end platform for recruiting through referrals.

But, as we have learned, sometimes they don’t want to blast these jobs to the entire world – or they want to gauge some interest in their own networks before going bigger.

Vouch is all about making it easier to engage, activate, and reward your network in hiring, creating better candidate experiences than traditional application processes. David just fixed this for you.

🔢 Manage multiple companies from one account

David just implemented a feature where customers can manage listings from multiple companies from one account on Vouch.

A feature requested by headhunters or recruiters when they use Vouch to source talents on behalf of multiple clients.

It also means that companies can choose to tailor the company description from listing to listing.