Skyfall Ventures found their Investment Manager through Vouch, and Cecilie landed her dream job

Skyfall Ventures, a Norwegian early-stage investment firm, used Vouch when they were searching for their first hire.




At that time, the company consisted of a team of three partners who had been with the company since its inception. After launching their latest fund of 250 million kroner, they realized it was time to strengthen the team with more capacity and expertise.

Over the Threshold

Skyfall used traditional job advertisements but also shared the ad through Vouch, hoping that their new Investment Manager was within the network.

Through Vouch, Skyfall had the opportunity to reach environments and individuals who were not necessarily actively looking for a new job, which turned out to be the key to signing their newest hire. Espen Malmo, Founder and Managing Partner at Skyfall, explains:

"One typically has a good overview of talented people within their own network, and the incentive of a reward for the referrer helps overcome the 'threshold.' This way, we as a company get tips about exciting candidates that we might not have reached through traditional channels. Here, Vouch is a perfect addition to the recruitment process."

With a fundamental belief in networks and relationships, Skyfall maximized the reach of their job advertisement. It was also crucial for Skyfall to find the right person when the team was growing from three to four people and to ensure it was a good match both ways. Skyfall received over 20 tips through Vouch, but one candidate stood out in particular: Cecilie Skjong.

"It was especially important to have a good personal match when finding the next colleague, and the person needed to fit well into the team. We received a tip about Cecilie from two different sources, which increased trust and reduced the risk of hiring."

Passive Candidate

Cecilie was not actively seeking a new job but had noted Skyfall as an exciting company in the VC universe. When contacted by Vouch, it was easy for her to agree to an informal coffee chat with Espen at Skyfall.

"I felt that the opportunity at Skyfall wouldn't come twice – it was simply an opportunity I had to seize. Additionally, it was flattering to be recommended by two people within my network."

Cecilie was informed about who had referred her for the position at Skyfall and felt that this provided extra security and trust in the process.

"In my case, my referrers also knew the company and the people at Skyfall well. This ensured that I could speak openly with them and get a real impression of both the job and the culture."