How Synne recruits new designers with Vouch

Synne Christiansen, who is working on building a new focus area at Sprint Consulting, has experience with recruitment from previous jobs. But when she had to build a professional environment from scratch, she knew it would be a challenging task to find the right people.




"I considered several approaches, but I started by sharing job ads so people could apply and posted an ad on Vouch, a platform where people can refer talented individuals for roles like this. It took a couple of weeks to get going, but then amazing candidates started pouring in from Vouch," says Synne.

Synne is well underway with her initiative. Several hires have been made, including Andreas Qvale Hovland, who was also hired through Vouch. They look forward to continuing the development of the field at the intersection of design-driven innovation and management consulting. Their goal is for the design team to help Sprint Consulting deliver well-thought-out solutions based on deep insights into users' real needs.

Hiring More Designers Through Vouch

Synne quickly received several good candidates who were both qualified for the job and wanted to talk to her. When she contacted candidates from Vouch, she noticed they were already curious about the initiative, but she still had to sell her vision and initiative to the candidates.

"By using Vouch, you get candidates who are qualified and actually want to talk to you. However, it's important to remember that they haven't applied for the job, so the first coffee chat is about getting to know each other. It's up to me to give them a good foundation to consider the opportunity, while they should have the chance to tell a bit about themselves. Job changes are matchmaking – it has to be right for both parties," Synne continues.

She says that good candidates continue to come through Vouch, so it's likely that she will strengthen the team further in the spring.

"I haven't really done much to ensure this flow of candidates, so something right is happening behind the scenes here," she smiles.

Three Tips for Succeeding with Vouch

Although she has succeeded in attracting the best candidates through Vouch, she believes there are a few things to keep in mind when using such a platform. So what does it take, and what should other employers note when getting started?

Remember that Vouch candidates haven't applied for the job: When Synne finds potential candidates on Vouch, she sends them a friendly SMS and invites them for a coffee chat. At the meeting, Synne talks about Sprint and what they are looking for in a candidate. The candidate also has the opportunity to talk about themselves. Both then take some time to think before talking again, and then possibly going more in-depth.

Use Vouch to also activate your own network: Synne believes it was easier to activate the network beyond the immediate circle without tiring people out by sending them a Vouch link, as everyone has an extra incentive to take the time to help.

Make it easy to recommend the right people: Output is often a function of input, and this is true on Vouch as well, according to Synne. The clearer you can be about what kind of profiles and skills you are looking for, the more accurate the tips will be. Vouch requires an "elevator pitch" and some key points about what the role involves, and Synne believes this is a useful exercise regardless.

For Synne, Vouch has been a success, and she is pleased with how she has been able to use the platform to find new, good candidates without drowning in less relevant applications. She hopes that more employers will discover the benefits of Vouch and use it as a tool to find new employees in an efficient and pleasant way.