At Vouch we believe that you are more than your resume.

We are a platform where networks are connected and create new relationships. In this way, people can get job opportunities that they otherwise would not have received. Either because the threshold for sending an application is high, because one would not have considered oneself qualified for the job, or because one did not get the job advertisement. A recommendation from someone who actually knows a person can provide opportunities and a more correct picture of character and competence than what traditional application letters and resumes can.

Why Vouch?

Most of the time, the references do not even get to speak in a search process. We turn it completely upside down and let the references shine. Then we can create opportunities even if you underestimate yourself, maybe do not have the right education or are a few years older than the gold standard. A credible reference can provide context in a different way than the resume. Then you still have to prove yourself through interview processes afterwards, but we give everyone a better and more fair chance. At the same time as we give the companies access to those who would not otherwise have applied and reward those who help their network.

What do we do?

We put talented people in touch with companies that need expertise. The companies get an arena where they can describe their dream candidate. It is often difficult to highlight yourself, and often it is those around us who can best describe us. When someone reads an ad that immediately reminds them of a person they know, this may be the perfect candidate. If the person who is recommended becomes interested in the position, there is therefore a good chance that it will be a match.

Customer stories

Why network recruiting and referrals?

In today's fast-paced job market, finding the right candidate is more challenging than ever. Traditional methods such as job boards and recruitment agencies often fall short, failing to attract the right talent or flooding hiring managers with unsuitable applicants.

What roles work best on Vouch?

Here's a surprise: it's by no means only tech roles! While it may look like Vouch is geared towards finding techies, it’s far broader than that.

Brødrene Dahl killed two birds with one stone

When Brødrene Dahl was looking for a product manager for their e-commerce, so many good candidates were recommended that they had to create room for one more. Einar Michaelsen shares his experiences with Vouch and how he worked to attract candidates who would not have otherwise applied for the job.

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