Customer Story

"We Wouldn't Have Completed the Recruitment Without Vouch!"

How do you get applicants for a position that "everyone" else is also trying to fill? Kari and Hjemmelegene faced this issue in the fall when they were recruiting a new controller. They decided to use Vouch, resulting in Katinka starting in January!




Hjemmelegene needed more controllers this fall—a position they were not alone in trying to fill. On, there were over 400 positions seeking the same skills that Hjemmelegene were looking for.

"We had a position that was challenging to get good applicants for. At the same time, we didn't want to prioritize money on headhunters," says Kari Madeleine Isaksen-Gihle, who works as an HR Business Partner at Hjemmelegene.

Better Qualified Applicants

Hjemmelegene first tried traditional channels. They did get a number of applicants, but few were qualified for the position.

They then decided to use Vouch to engage their network in the recruitment process. Kari was curious to see if the proportion of good candidates would change significantly, but by engaging their own and Vouch's network, she was pleasantly surprised.

"We found that the focus on quality was significant in Vouch, and we received several very good candidates. In fact, we contacted all of them," says Kari.

Many Who Don't Apply

However, one candidate stood out. Someone with great enthusiasm for Hjemmelegene's products. Katinka Zeiner also had the personal qualities and qualifications that Hjemmelegene were looking for.

She started as a controller on January 8th and has already settled well into her new workplace.

"We wouldn't have completed the recruitment without Vouch," says Kari, who finds it normally difficult to fill such roles.

"Not only is there a lot of competition, but there are also many potential applicants who are not actively looking for a new job."

That's when it's nice to have a network to rely on. Among employees, customers, alumni, and not least, Vouch's user base.

Opened Up to a Friend

Katinka was happy in her current position and was not initially looking for something new.

"I wasn't being challenged enough in my current job, so I had just started thinking about whether it was time to challenge myself and look for other opportunities," she says.

She had mentioned this thought to a friend, who later recommended Katinka for the controller position through Vouch.

New challenges and the opportunity to work on improving people's daily lives were what made Katinka accept a conversation with Hjemmelegene.

Hjemmelegene work to make healthcare services available wherever you are, when you need it, regardless of your location. They work interdisciplinarily to offer comprehensive health support, helping hundreds of patients daily, both digitally and through home visits.

"It brings a lot of joy to be able to contribute to making people's lives better," says Katinka.

We wish Katinka and Hjemmelegene the best of luck!

Vi ønsker Katinka og Hjemmelegene lykke til videre!