Ett tips landet drømmeansettelse i PwC og gjorde Einar 60.000 rikere

Einar Michaelsen was quick to vouch for his acquaintances, including when a position at PwC in data and cybersecurity came up, where he referred someone with relevant experience.




"I was working as a consultant at KPMG at the time and experienced firsthand from the employer’s side how difficult and time-consuming it is to find people. Referrals are a well-known form of recruitment, especially in the consulting market, so it's absolutely brilliant to create Vouch to organize this on a large scale."

A couple of months later, Einar received a joyful phone call from Vouch. The tip turned out to be spot on, and the candidate he had referred accepted an offer from PwC. The promised reward of 60,000 NOK was now on its way to his account.

"I usually don’t answer calls from unknown numbers and had almost forgotten that I submitted the tip. It was a bit like getting a call from the Norwegian lottery – now I’m definitely going to send in more tips."

Einar, very pleased with his referral on Vouch

The candidate referred was Vegard Skaare, who was about to start his final semester of his master's in Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management at Nord University in Bodø when he was referred. With this education and several years of experience from the police, the role seemed very interesting.

"It didn’t take long from the time I found out I was referred until PwC invited me to an informal conversation. I was curious about what they had to offer and what the role entailed, so it was easy to say yes to an informal chat."

After the chat with PwC, it turned out that the role was very relevant, and after an interview process, Vegard ended up accepting the job.

Marit Stolpestad, responsible for experienced recruitment at PwC nationally, says that both she and others in the industry find recruitment challenging. She explains that PwC is entirely dependent on external help to find the right people if they are to maintain the company's growth.

"It's not just PwC that is after the best minds, and we are very grateful for all the partners who can make our job easier and more efficient. Vouch is very similar to internal referrals, which we already actively use in recruitment – and here we receive tips about people who have a suitable profile and are curious to hear more about us – that’s fantastic."