Ignite Procurement Scores Hattrick on Vouch: "Faster, Better and Cheaper"

Ignite, a Norwegian scale-up company, succeeded in filling three positions through Vouch in no time.




They had tried other ways of sourcing talent in the past, but they found that it produced a lot of candidates who were not qualified for the position – taking up time in screening and follow-up on cold or irrelevant leads. That's when they turned to Vouch.

Three hires in a month

“Once the candidates started coming in, it was evident that Vouch’s network of experts knew things we didn’t. We ended up hiring three candidates through Vouch in just over a month. I can truly vouch for Vouch: Vouch helped us hire for these roles faster, cheaper and with less hassle than other alternatives,” says Assel Limpin, People and Culture Manager at Ignite Procurement.

Ignite Procurement is a Norwegian start-up that aims to provide procurement, finance, and business leaders with the tools to make responsible decisions. They achieve this by automating procurement analytics and insights, enabling users to control costs while maintaining a sustainable and compliant supplier base.

They recently hired their new VP of Customer Success, a Senior Software Engineer and their Account Executive for the Nordics through the Vouch platform.

Speedy, accurate and cost-efficient

Børge Langedal, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of Ignite Procurement, appreciated how speedy, accurate and cost-efficient Vouch was compared to traditional hiring methods.

Børge Langedal, Co-Founder of Ignite Procurement found his VP of Customer Success through Vouch.

"Time and money are scarce resources in the world of start-ups. By activating its network of experts, Vouch could provide us with better-fit and higher-quality candidates. I had not expected to fill an executive management position in such a short time at such a low cost,” says Børge, and he adds that he will continue to use Vouch as a complement to other methods in the future.

Speed is one thing, but Assel jumps in to add what she believes to be the main value of the Vouch platform:

“It’s not just random sourcing by contacting hundreds of candidates on LinkedIn for a position. People are tired of that. Instead, Vouch lets friends, experts and connections of candidates refer them. It’s that personal connection that speaks to me. You can see it in the descriptions and testimonials some of these candidates get. There’s no sales talk; it’s genuine. I really, really buy into that,” says Assel.

How to succeed on Vouch?

Assel wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vouch to her friends and connections, as she believes it’s a valuable platform to refer friends or connections for jobs and access talent she otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

She happily shares her top tips for fellow talent acquisition teams that want to succeed on Vouch:

“First, practice your pitch: Candidates from Vouch have not actively applied, so there’s always going to be this “dance” to figure out if it’s a match. As any first chats or interviews should be in 2023, really, but it’s worth being aware of,” she says, and quickly adds a second advice:

“And try Vouch first: There’s no silver bullet in talent acquisition. Not even Vouch claims that. But it’s a perfect first step to test before involving traditional headhunters. It can save you months of workshops and much higher costs that still come without guarantees.”

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