Karl-Martin landed his dream job through Vouch

When Karl-Martin Høie was vouched for, he received a message that caught his attention: someone in his network had recommended him for the role of Head of People at Sprint Consulting.




It wasn't just one of the usual headhunters he was accustomed to, but someone who knew him better. We spoke with Karl-Martin to hear about his experience as a candidate with Vouch.

Congratulations on the New Job! How Was the Experience of Being Vouched and Landing a New Job Through the Platform?

Right now, I feel extremely lucky. I'll be completely honest that the fantastic opportunity I received at Sprint might have flown under the radar if it weren't for Vouch. As an "unconscious" candidate in the process, the experience was extremely smooth and positive.

How Did This Differ from Other Job Seeking Experiences or Similar Processes?

Based on my own experiences, I've often found recruitment processes to be unnecessarily time-consuming, especially considering the significant effort candidates put into the application process with the accompanying uncertainty about response time and outcome. Additionally, a lot of information is often requested in systems that are not necessarily candidate-friendly. This undoubtedly raises the threshold for applying.

Vouch in many ways removes this threshold and makes the candidate experience much less time-consuming both before and during the process.

You Have Experience in HR and Recruitment Yourself – Do You Have Any Thoughts on This from an Employer's Perspective?

With Vouch, the likelihood of receiving a smaller and more relevant pool of candidates increases. This provides efficiency gains and improves quality both in terms of the candidates being more relevant for the job and making it easier for the recruiter to follow up with candidates in a good and less time-consuming way when the volume is smaller. It's a win-win and makes it easier to create good candidate experiences and consequently build an employer brand.

Search is also something that takes a lot of time and is often based on candidates' past experiences rather than the experiences they seek in the future. It’s not always the case that what you've done before defines what you want to do in the future. Vouch makes it easier for people who know you well to recommend you for a job, and those people often have better insight into what you are motivated for and what challenges you seek. In this way, the recommendation is potentially more accurate.

What Do You Think About the Job Market Going Forward as the New Head of People?

Today's job market is characterized by more movement in the form of more frequent job changes and a very large proportion of passive candidates (not actively job-seeking). Additionally, there is a curious combination of low unemployment and ongoing demand for new skills. It's a "seller's market," and I believe there is a significant comparative advantage in focusing on network recruitment, good candidate experiences, and efficient recruitment processes. It will also be interesting to see how this trend develops under the current macroeconomic conditions.